Lesson 1: Meeting people for the first time !

Dialogue 1:

– Lawrie: Brian, i’d like you to meet Judy, my sister

– Brian: Pleased to meet you Judy

– Judy: Hj Brian

– Brian: Have you eaten here before?

– Judy: No, i haven’t.

– Brian: It’s not a bad Place. I come here after work. You know… meet a few friends and have a chat.

– Judy: What do you do Brian?

– Brian: I’m in Computers. I’m the manager of a computer company.

Copyright: ABC Radio Australia


Nothing is difficult!


Hi, I’m Chung. I’m from Viet Nam.
This is the first time i have created a blog on ” WordPress.com “
I hope that we will be a FAMILY
It’s pleased to meet everybody!